Batalash is everything that beauty means to us. It's about loving who you are, and not paying attention to what others have to say. It's about trying new things, and being open to others. It's about pushing the boundaries and showing that there isn't one kind of beautiful. It's about working together to teach one another and build each other up. We believe in teaching a variety of techniques and styles, and highlighting and embracing differences in one another.


Batalash is made up of three makeup artists committed to changing the way you look at makeup and yourself. Also, we all have great brows.


(Vancouver, BC)

Samantha founded Batalash in 2013, leaving the world of retail makeup to pursue a career in social media. With a background in professional makeup artistry, Samantha began posting picture/video tutorials to Reddit, Youtube and Instagram, and quickly gained the attention of the online beauty community. Samantha is known for her silver hair and not much else so let's hope that stays a trend for a while.


(Los Angeles, CA)

Angela joined the team in May 2013, having met Samantha through Reddit and connecting over their passion for makeup. From a young age, Angela taught herself how to apply makeup and soon found herself working full time within the beauty industry, specializing in glamorous makeup and unexpected colour combinations. She is known for her luxurious Armenian furniture and her compulsive tendency to wake up several hours earlier than needed on any given occasion.  


(Irvine, CA)                                                                                  

Dominique joined the team in April 2014, meeting Samantha and Angela through Instagram. Dominique left her office job of 7 years to pursue a career in makeup artistry, and now teaches at a makeup school in Southern California. As a self taught artist, Dominique is widely known for her use of colour and unique shapes within her work. Her laugh can be heard from up to three states away and she is unable to complete a game of Monopoly without exploiting everyone. 



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