Hey beauties! 

Batalash is all about that bold brow life so we were super excited when we got our hands on the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomades. Needless to say, we were in love. Dipbrow is smudge-free, creamy, waterproof formula that helps sculpt the brows and adheres to hairs. It can also be used as an eyeliner! (WHAAAA?! YES!)



Dipbrow comes in 5 shades- Blonde, Auburn, Chocolate, Dark Brown and Ebony. Each of the shades are extremely pigmented while still having the perfect amount of ashiness for a more realistic brow shade. The pigmentation with all the Dipbrows are consistent and true to what’s in the jar. 


Lasted for a good 8-10 hours without smudging or fading. I accidentally rubbed my brow and it didn’t move which was a nice surprise cause I got real close to walking around with half a drawn on brow. 


Dipbrow has a really creamy texture so it won’t leave any track marks and it’s easy to work with. I use a palette knife to scrape the product out (for sanitary reasons) but you could easily dip your brush in there lightly and get a good amount of product with little effort. I like to use the Anastasia #12 brush to apply the product and use the spooley side to move the product around. If you’re used to using pencils or eyeshadow to fill your brows the Dipbrow and brush might take some getting used to since it’s a different texture. It takes a little longer to set so you have a good amount of time to play around with the product and get yo brows looking right! Once it does set, it won’t move. You also need such a small amount of product that an entire $18 jar can last you for like, ever. 


Simple and clean packaging. Sturdy glass jar that won’t break easily by any means. You can throw it in your makeup bag or travel bag and not worry about it breaking or leaking. 

OVERALL: 9.8/10

Guys, we love brows. And we also love good brow products at a reasonable price. Anastasia never disappoints. The Dipbrow Pomades have a great variety of shades, awesome pigmentation, a fuck ton of product for $18 and easy to use creamy texture to keep your caterpillars looking fly.

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