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We were lucky enough to try The Glamática Collection from SoLa Look. It comes with 3 matte shades that still manage to keep your lips soft. They’re creamy, super pigmented and cruelty free! WOO! If you’re a simple gal who likes the perfect nude, pink and red in your makeup bag then this is definitely your type of collection. (Psst…we also hear they’re releasing 3 new shades for Spring!)

You can check them out at!



These lipsticks didn’t disappoint. They had great pigmentation and a nice creamy texture. I find that most matte lipsticks are so rough and almost patchy when applying. These went on just fine. Isabel (the nude shade) has basically been an everyday nude for me. Carolina (the pink shade) was a sexy bright pink, however I did notice a tad bit of streaking when applying it with a lip brush. Karla (the red shade) was probably my favorite. I have an everlasting love for red lipstick so I was basically sold on this shade right away.


Lasted for a good 4 hours and stayed creamy without feathering. I noticed it did transfer more than some of my other lipsticks when drinking due to it’s soft texture. Definitely needed to be reapplied after eating (as most lipsticks do).


I applied these from the tube and used a lip brush to work it around the edges of my lips. They went on really smooth and without patches. Carolina (the pink shade) did need more focus when applying. I noticed some streaks when I’d go over it afterwards. Now, this is where it kind of fell through for me; Carolina- sorry for hatin’ on you girl- also broke at the edge of the lipstick tube. Not sure if it was the texture or formula of the lipstick or if I’m too damn rough when applying my lipstick, but it happened. I tend to de-tube (is that a word?) and melt my lipsticks into a palette so I wasn’t too worried, but if you don’t and broken lipsticks ain’t your thang you probably wouldn’t be into this.


Nice, simple, clean black packaging with the SoLa Look logo on them. The caps closed tightly and didn’t open while shuffling in my makeup bag which is a great plus. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves when caps come off.


These lipsticks had great pigmentation and a lovely texture. Carolina was probably the only disappointing one out of the bunch. Isabel (nude) is the perfect shade of nude and great for everyday and Karla (red) is a pretty bright red and would probably go perfect with a neutral eye. They’re great for throwing in your purse and knowing you have all the major lip shades in case you wanna spice up your makeup.

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