Short Summary

Batalash is actually just really a wonder site specializing in good excellent articles –if videos, film tutorials, or makeup inspiration–all served up with a undertone that is badass.

Batalash Beauty
Batalash Beauty

We’re about helping other people really feel awesome about that they truly are and how they look and to understand. You would like to promote some thing aside from the bubbly, various styles, beauty gurus that is high-pitched.

Batalash Beauty Melt Cosmetic

Appearing to improve the way the world reaches cosmetics launched batalash, the team has enlarged to comprise producer and manager of their web-series mental performance Scoop.

That Which We Want

You would like to develop a web site which is customizeable and more userfriendly. Some thing which is going to soon be more easy to browse and find just what you’re searching for without needing to scroll through Tumblr. To try it, we’d love to improve our server site into Squarespace in Tumblr.

$ for the season

Now that we’ve got a bitchin’ website that is brand new, we’ll require some equipment to get started creating excellent content that is good – ! Lens and A backdrop/lighting put up will help with your video/photography shoots. We focus chiefly at this time – you desire to transition into creating videos, but retain the notion of quality.

~$80 = Tri-pod

~$400 = Lighting Kit (6 lighting complete )

~$180 = Back-drop Kit

~$150 = 55mm Lens

Thus, we’ve our site, and also we have been prepared to produce awesome photo/video articles… all that we want today is product. We have been, afterall, a wonder we want services and products to create this beauty happen. Where the costs arrive in, that is.

~$300 for your year

Consider that personally, if this cost looks mad for you: our tutorials each generally feature no less than five services and products. Every one of these services and products costs about $20. That has $100. You are interested in being able to work with a number of brands to demonstrate guys just how to make use of services and products to end, from any budget range — pharmacy, to Cartoon manufacturers.

TOTAL = ~$1,470

The Impact

We started gaining our following. We did not understand where we would be taken by our site if we would be enthusiastic about our material. As our crowd grew, we realized that the demand for an even far more”real” look in beauty, perhaps maybe not makeup tutorials for your best face.

We paid attention to your orders, a own insecurities, and also the compliments, and we begun to know we n’t simply showed you guys just how to use eyeliner. People are being taught by us. Perhaps not only cosmetics, however the way you are looking and exactly to really come to feel about that which you are awesome.

You would like to promote styles –some thing aside from the bubbly. You would like to market of exactly what beauty is think eyebrows along with lips that are ombre, in the place of pagent looks graphics. We’ve our Batalash Beauties, we would like to reach a bigger crowd.

Additional Ways That You Can Help

Do not sweat it In the event that you fail to donate –it’d be equally awesome that you talk about this! When it’s face-book, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.we love you spreading the word.