Hey beauties!

We recently got a chance to try some new lip products from Milani Cosmetics- one of our favorite drug store brands. We got some gorgeous shades perfect for everyday wear and just in time for Valentines Day! <3



  • New Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss
  • Milani Lipstick
  • New Lip Intense Liquid Color
  • New Power Lip Lasting & Moisturizing Gloss Stain

These glosses are pigmented and the texture is quite thick. I’m very impressed by them. I’m not a fan of oily thin glosses that serve no purpose except for fucking up your cute lipstick. Normally I’d wear a gloss in the center of my lips over my lipstick for added shine, but I wore these without anything so y’all could see the real deal.

Milani without a doubt has some of my favorite lipsticks. They are all consistent and pigmented. They last for a solid 4-5 hours without patching up. I’ve de-tubed (not a word) a ton of them and melted them into some empty MakeupForever palettes to save space. They don’t feather or feel dry and they smell AMAZING! Holy crap guys. I spend a lot of time smelling these lipsticks.

These Liquid Colors were pretty impressive. They’re basically equivalent to a liquid lipstick or lip cream. It took about two coats to get my lips this pigmented. They were extremely smooth. I kept smacking my lips together cause it was mind blowing. I would definitely suggest a lip liner to go along with these as they do feather quite a bit. It comes in a convenient applicator so it’s easier to apply within the lip line (not that that’s ever stopped me. Overdrawn lips 4 life guysss..)

Gloss AND stain? WHAT? But yeah, these were pretty cool. I wasn’t a fan of the applicator. Brush tip and you twisted it and it clicked and product came out- those usually piss me off cause I get too much product out accidentally. However, the texture and pigmentation were spot on. The colors were beautiful for daily wear and would be gorgeous on different skin tones as well. The texture was quite thick, but it did feather a bit since it is a gloss. It stayed for about 2-3 hours and left a soft stain afterwards. It wasn’t patchy or drying either.

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